“Nobody’s Darling” follows two souls who cling to each other for a night, but can't stop the sun from rising.

In this romantic and dramatic short film, Rigg’s is able to capture the tryst of two people connected by nothing else than their loneliness. Featured at the 2015 Gasparilla International Film Festival, “Nobody’s Darling” is a novel of a short film, capturing hours of romance in 7 short minutes.

Riggs’ accredits much of this films influence to European films, and audience members can certainly pick up on this influence in his short. Having been the first short film Riggs wrote and directed, he used a pseudonym in order to fully dive into character. Riggs is a native of Tampa, FL and spends most of his time between Los Angeles and New York, however he would love to shoot a feature film in his hometown in the near future.



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