Husband and wife team won the International Film Challenge with their short film “The More Perfect Yellow” back in 2010.

The challenge asked for either a science fiction or a mockumentary style of film, and given the 48 hour deadline the two had, they decided upon the fictional story of City of Tampa employee, Lucius Breckensted. This idea of "The More Perfect Yellow" came from Kerri’s spark of inspiration while looking at a city hazard sign in Tampa. Kerri wanted to know the story behind these stick-figures and who would be the person to design such a thing. The kooky idea of Lucius was born.

Being of a hispanic background, Coco Bermudez was concerned his sense of humor might not translate into the American sense of the word. However, audience members can tell this is not the case. Most importantly, the Bermudez’s want viewers to take away the importance of humor and lightness in life. There’s no need to take life too seriously, and for about a few minutes, audience members can enjoy themselves with this light-hearted comedy!

This mockumentary comedy details the story of a city hazard sign designer and his love for minimalism. The artist swears by his “art” its impact it has on everyones lives, meanwhile anecdotes of his fellow city employees say otherwise.

For more informatio about the Bermudez duo, check out Movie Groovy


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