In a darkly comedic short film, Folie A Deux: Madness for Two displays an ever changing and increasingly maddening shrink session, with Mary Rachel Dudley (actor and producer) and Ricky Wayne (co-lead and co-writer).

Awkward silence equals awkward thoughts, who’s the crazy one? Audience included.

This program features a short film that was directed by Ernie Mosteller. The two actors in the film also had a hand in writing this quirky short. Mary Rachel Dudley was the producer and co-writter with actor Ricky Wayne. Recognized at the 2015 Gasparilla Film Festival in Tampa, Florida, "Folie A Deux: Madness for Two" is a spiral into madness, in which the audience truly feels they may be going crazy too.

Dudley wanted to write a script that makes viewers think about what they’re watching, and leave the festival thinking about it too. Although some might categorize "Folie A Deux" as an incredibly strange and disorienting film, critics have raved about this dark comedy; and the film has gone on to be nationally recognized outside of its premiere in Florida.

Over 30 different elements change through out the film, and audience members are forced to ponder the deeper meaning behind this exchange between a man and his psychiatrist. "Folie A Deux: Madness For Two" offers audience members a different kind of experience than they are used to when they go to the movies - a fact Dudley is most proud of.


This program is made possible with support from the Arts Council of Hillsborough County and the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners

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