Pedro Reis, founder and CEO of Circus Sarasota, speaks of his journey into the circus world, and how much his experiences shaped him into the person he is today.

Originally from South Africa, Reis stumbled upon his talent for gymnastics after sneaking into the local YMCA. His fascination with flying trapeze acts has never dwindled, he says, and over nearly 40 years in the circus he has only broadened his knowledge in the circus arts; in high wire, acrobatics, single trapeze and other disciplines.

Reis continues to speak about his life journey to founding Circus Sarasota, through shows through out Europe and the United States. In 1997, Reis would perform at the first show in Stanleytown, Busch Gardens- where he would continue to perform for a number of years. It was here Reis would cross paths with his future wife, Doll Jacobs, daughter of Lou Jacobs, Master Clown with Ringling Bros. Together forming their non-profit Circus training organization would fulfill a lifelong dream of them both.

“The circus is our life, and we wanted nothing more than to share that passion and education with others.”

This program was made possible with support from the Tampa Bay History Museum and the Osher LIfelong Learning Institue at USF.


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