Cephalopods of the Wider Caribbean:  What has been Discovered?

Dr. Judkins' field of research includes cephalopods: squids and octopods of the worlds’ oceans. Her work centers on the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea looking at distribution patterns, abundance and diversity differences among cephalopod species. Current projects focus on the deep water species of the northern Gulf of Mexico. Heather Judkins grew up in a small town in New England surrounded by ocean and lakes. On a trip with her grandparents to Miami Seaquarium in third grade, she was fascinated with the ocean and the animals that were found in it. Fol- lowing that path, she graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Ma- rine Affairs degree in 1993 and moved to Tampa, Florida. Heather completed her Masters degree in Science Education from Nova South- eastern College in 1997 while she was teaching high school marine science. She also pursued her doctorate while teaching and completed her doctoral degree in biological oceanography in 2009. She is now an assistant professor in the Biology department at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg where she focuses on marine biology, biology, and human anatomy courses.

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