Dr. Adriana Ocampo is a planetary geologist and the Science Program Manager at NASA Headquarters. Her research led to the discovery of the Chicxulub impact crater.

Come and hear her story of her childhood dreams of space exploration coming true, without even having to leave Earth.

When Dr. Ocampo was 14 she arrived in the United States and through her passion and devotion to science, quickly got a summer job working for NASA on the Viking Mission. She was the scientist who led the team that used satellite images to discover the Chicxulub Crater which is believed to be connected with the extinction of dinosaurs!

Dr. Ocampo and her colleagues also discovered the Aorounga Crater Chain in Chad in 1996.

Get ready for a glimpse into the life of the 2016 Hispanic Scientist of the Year.

For more information click here: https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/people/ocampoa

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